Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Summer Colors!

Happy Summer! School for me is almost over and the temperature is I'm considering it to be summer even though technically it's still spring. So, brighten up that waredrobe (spelling??) with some fun, bright, summery prints! $30
Such a cute purse! $44
a rainbow pattern dress from one of my favorite webstores! $18.99
These watches talk to Japanese! $11
filled with real sprinkles! yummy!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

projects and vintage tees

OK, I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a few days :) But, whatever....nobody reads this anyways :(
So, I have A LOT of projects!!!! In reading I'm doing a group project on 1994. We basically recap the whole year in power point form. It's actually really hard, boring, and due on Tuesday. whoohooo.....I also have TWO english projects! TWO! One is easy and I have to draw a character from Pygmalion and write about everything I drew on them. EVERYTHING. From hair color and facial expression to the color of their clothes and the type of shoes they're wearing. I drew Eliza Doolittle who is pretty much the main character. The paper sucks because with all this book quoting I can't tell if it's gramatically correct or not.... I also have to make a satire project. I'm writing my satire about the media's use of beautiful people and their effect on society. It's due on Friday and I've wrote a page and a half. OH YES! Thankfully, I enjoy writing, so this is actually kinda fun for me....even though it's really hard to write a satire. There are so many rules!
Anyways, the other day I found this really neat site called Vintage Vantage : They sell new and vintage tees. The new ones come in all sizes...but the vintage ones are one of a you have to look for one that fits.
Here is my favorite non vintage tee: earth!
ok...I actually really want this sweatshirt :)
what the crap is a reading hopital????

Not all of these shirts are cheap..this one costs $375!
and this run dmc shirt? $6,500.00 buddy!

superpanda...signing out