Tuesday, April 28, 2009


OK, so I found the cutest necklaces ever! They are from Etsy by Cute Ability....Just take a look:

It actually has little cookies in it! The full breakfast!

The cup hangs down

Cute toaster!

You can get them from here:


they also have rings, braclets, and earings!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

pigs were never so scay...

Ok....second post of the day. It is evident that I am bored. Ok....so you know what is really starting to get to me? All this freaking out about the swine flu. It's actually really scary. Schools are shutting down and political leaders are taking it as a huge threat. It seems to strange to know that all this is happening in the world RIGHT AROUND ME...but I don't seem to know it. The whole thing seems like something that the media is throwing out to scare everybody...but it's not. It could be an epdemic....a pandemic (I have no clue which is worse) and I don't even think about it like that.
So.....there's my short little rant before I go do something else!
Peace Out!

Drum Linez

I just found the coolest article ever off of the swindle magazine website....If you want to read the whole article it is here: http://swindlemagazine.com/issue04/drum-linz/, but I'll post some of it here...
"Once upon a time, American teenagers could easily be split into two categories: band geeks and those who laugh at band geeks.
Some would argue that band nerds are natural targets-the Liberace-esque costumes can be pretty out there, for a start. And why do they look so intense, glaring at the audience as they weave around their equally stern-faced school mates? A posting on the website drumlines.org summed up “drumline face” thus: “The intensity of the sun. Fire burning in your eyes. Not of rage, but of wisdom, clarity, concentration, focus, discipline, and pride.”
Take the 2002 movie Drumline. It challenged the band nerd stereotype, showing how a young hip-hop drummer from Harlem injected urban flava into a southern university drum corps. More recently, Gwen Stefani added her own seal of approval to marching bands, dancing alongside a fully costumed drum line in the video to her song “Hollaback Girl.” Incidentally, that track was produced by The Neptunes, who have long drawn inspiration from marching-band beats. Then there are bands like 311 and Blink 182, whose drummers both had their start in drum lines. And don’t forget alternative metallers Slipknot, who regularly feature a full high school marching band during their onstage theatrics.
Calling a drum line a “life-affirming spectacle” may seem a little over-the-top, but after just half an hour at the American Drum Line Association championships, I had to agree. I was hooked, rooting for the kids with fire in their eyes as they bashed those seven shades of satanic crap out of their xylophones, snares, and bass drums.
“I’ve seen kids scream with joy and shed tears over drum line,” says Greg Valenzuela, a 24-year-old musician and drum line director.
“While there are still some kids at school who make fun of the drum line, there are just as many who think what they do is cool,” says Greg. “It’s a little subculture that 90% of people don’t understand. While most kids are at the malls on Saturdays, we are at the high school field. And believe me, it’s a lot more fun.”
As performers continue to hone their musical talents and create ever-more-spectacular visual displays, the future of the drum line as a symbol of Americana seems assured."

Yeah....juust some of the stuff..I thought it was pretty interesting

Peace Out!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


So...I decided to get a blog. Yep.....hopefully this will be fun! I'll get on a lot and post stuff....but for now I'm trying to get a layout....so once I have that undercontrol I'll start posting :D