Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dead Arms

Ok, nothing to really post today except that yesterday I went to my new school for 5 hours. Mainly because some guy told me the wrong time for bass line sectionals, so that was one hour extra THEN I wasn't even allowed to do the bass thing because one of the band directors didn't want me to. So, there's ANOTHER hour of akward boredom and jerky guys talking about partying with girls and...the cornbread at Boston Market. Anyways, once practice actually started, I succomed (socumed?) to 3 hours of cymbol toting torture. Pinching my arm with my own instruments, my left arm having spazms, being the hi-hat for the snares, and having my left arm actually give out at that point. BLAH! Then, I had to improv the show music and randomly get thrown into the marching scheme. Although, a majority of the drumline people were really sopportive of how quickly I caught on. And, the other cymbol girls are really nice. I think this might work!
I'll post some fahion stuff later!
see ya

Friday, August 14, 2009


Today is a very blahish day. BTW, I got my iTunes kinda back. To anybody who randomly loses their iTunes, you have to move your MUSIC iTUNES folder to your DESKTOP. Then you go to your iTunes, go to FILE-IMPORT TO LIBRARY and click on the desktop icon then the file that you moved. Then, it should all import. SADLY, you lose all the data on your songs and all your playlists. It sucked. If you're like me and you only listen to your recently purchased songs, all you have to do is right click on the bar above your songs and select "recently modified" NOT "recently played". Then click on that column and all your music will be sorted by the day you added it :) I was sooooo excited when I figured this out! So, todays spotlight is on AWESOME iPod stuff for you and your little music playing buddy.
This is an etsy case by farfallagialla. She has some cuuute stuff

This one is by another etsy person...It didnt say how much it cost....




Wednesday, August 12, 2009

well...this sucks

Well, today my iTunes went on the fritz and whiped out all my music. It's still on my computer...somewhere. I did find it, but I don't have any idea how I'm going to get it back onto iTunes. It's the issue of the day. Really, how do over 1000 songs just disappear????? Also, I had an issue last night with my pictures. I was doing a hard drive back-up and moved my pictures to my documentsso that it would copy with the documents....then I wanted to move them back...then they disappeared...and ten I THINK I found them and moved them back but it took forever and they're still not working perfectly . BLAH. My computer is out to get me.
Anyways, to make me *HAPPY* I decided to post this lovely pic I took at camp of the rustic porch of the craft area. I love it....sadly I have no clue how to flip it....hmmm.

hope ur life isnt going like mine is right now

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm sorry I haven't blogged in forever! It's been a pretty busy summer for me! XP's post is about dresses. I usually don't wear them, but I do like them. So, I've found 4 versitile dresses that can fit any style:
urban outfitters
This dress is so simple, looks so comfy and can be accessorised a number of ways
American Eagle Outfitters
I love that this dress actually has a railroad stripe print on it. It would look so cute with a cardigan and big belt.

I love this dresssss! It has such a chic vintage look to it! The dress says it all, so I wouldn't accessorise too much with this one.

This is such an adorable dress. Perfect for almost any season except winter. It would look cute with gladiator sandals and a long necklace.