Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dead Arms

Ok, nothing to really post today except that yesterday I went to my new school for 5 hours. Mainly because some guy told me the wrong time for bass line sectionals, so that was one hour extra THEN I wasn't even allowed to do the bass thing because one of the band directors didn't want me to. So, there's ANOTHER hour of akward boredom and jerky guys talking about partying with girls and...the cornbread at Boston Market. Anyways, once practice actually started, I succomed (socumed?) to 3 hours of cymbol toting torture. Pinching my arm with my own instruments, my left arm having spazms, being the hi-hat for the snares, and having my left arm actually give out at that point. BLAH! Then, I had to improv the show music and randomly get thrown into the marching scheme. Although, a majority of the drumline people were really sopportive of how quickly I caught on. And, the other cymbol girls are really nice. I think this might work!
I'll post some fahion stuff later!
see ya

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